New Build,Stock

This brief from the recomended client was for a complete security package from day one of the new build.

Step 1 to install a speed dome camera with  remote controlled flood lighting and remote viewing via a broad band link so the customer could see the building slowly rising from the ground this also was used for onsite security.

Step 2 to 1st fix the entire house for a grade 2 intruder alarm system,  4 camera CCTV system, automatic entry gate system, and audio entry system with coded access.

Step 3 to 2nd fix CCTV with 2 high speed dome cameras and 2 static cameras, to be viewed remotely via internet and that can be controlled by there TV remote control and viewed on every TV in the house.

Step 4 2nd fix the grade 2 police linked intruder alarm system with dual path signaling and to be able to operate the gates from the alarm fobs.

Step 5 2nd fix the audio entry system which was link to the clients IP phone system so the client can answer the gates from anywhere in the world, this also had a coded entry key pad.

Step 6 2nd fix the pair of automatic gate system, we used Came ATI arms which be operate via the alarm system and the CCTV software and the phone system.