Intruder alarms are normally the first system that you think of when considering security for your home or place of work, in general if you have a alarm system the would be burgular will not take the risk as he knows that these system are fool proof.

Again with the advancement in this area there are some fantastic systems on the market.

Some of the new wireless systems that are on the market have much more potential than some of the hard wired systems we find that more and more customers have wooden or tiled flooring which can make it impossible to run cables descretly. with the advent of wireless alarm systems this is overcome no more ripping up the customers floor boards , no mess no fuss no cables , got a shed in the garden why not protect it with a wireless sensor.

Part of the wireless products includes,sensors,pet sensors,door contacts,panic buttons,smoke sensors,shock sensors,arming fobs most of these systems are hybrids so you can use hard wired zones and wireless zones.

Which ever system you chose to have installed we can provide a professional installation service.