CCTV is the main tool in the fight against crime over 42 million cameras are installed in the UK alone.

This market has expanded and is so diverse cameras are seen every where We at Hunnikin Security Installations have seen these advancements in CCTV we can design and install simple domestic systems with a single camera so you can see who is knocking at your front door from the comfort of your sofa.

If you require more security then why not have a multi camera system that is capable of recording 24hours a day on to a digital video recorder, you can view or take full control of these systems from work or even on holiday via any web browser. Covert cameras or visable cameras are the best application to give your premises that 2nd pair of eyes that will never miss a thing.

Being a small company we feel that we are very competetive in this area of security.

Below is screen shot from the site boss CCTV remote monitoring software these are images being captured from 5 different location all at the same time.